Sunday, January 20, 2008


So Subway Hooker has taken her act to the cramped and filthy skies! Funny how Continental Airlines, with their excruciating lack of leg room and non-existent airspace, makes it virtually impossible to do work on a business trip. As soon as we level out, the passenger in front of me knocks his seat back into my face, and my laptop is rendered incapable of opening to where I can see the screen. Way to go, Continental! This seemingly frustrating situation narrows my on-board activities to the following: reading (check), sleeping (check), eating (check, since I get the vegetarian option), and hooking (doubleplusgood Check!). So I took the opportunity to grab some lovely chocolate sportweight alpaca and got started on the above sweater. This pattern is available either from Bouton d'Or's pattern book Collection Printemps-été n° 84, or in the 2008 Crochet-a-Day Calendar, January 11-13 pages.

Truth be told, their instructions suck, big time. But perseverance pays off bigger time, and I am on my way to having this lovely lacey froth for my very own. As soon as my internal clock is back on East Coast time, I'll post pics on the progress.

By the way, if any of you work for Continental, please feel free to forward my comments on their appalling lack of space to anyone there who pretends to give a crap. Perhaps they'll figure out a way to spin it to their advantage ("I fly Continental whenever I just want to forget about work and relax!....")

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