Saturday, January 5, 2008

August 25, 2007

It's been a struggle, really, getting this mother up on the web. What with life, work, cooking, crocheting, and what can only be termed as a fantastically dramatic mid-life crisis, I've not paid much attention to learning Freeway Pro.

Cue entry of Knight in Shining Armor, aka the hubby, atop a white horse and announcing in his best Mancunian accent, "Never fear, my brooklyn wifey! I shall help you get your bloody site up once and for all! Now where's my apéritif?"

And so it begins.


Is this thing on?

Now that I'm here, I can't think of a thing to say, really. It's raining out right now. Horrible thunder, lightening, the whole nine yards. Stopped at the Red Hook Ball Fields earlier today for some yummy horchata and grilled corn. Sweet. Then the rains came and we scattered like roaches.

Oh right, this is about crochet, isn't it?

Well, I really love to crochet. Love it. Love hooking on the train en route to work. Love converting non-believers on the train that want to know what I'm doing, what I'm making. Love to answer the questions on how to start, where to get yarn, what magazines are best for beginners. Had two conversions the other week, actually. One right after the other. Made me think that I'll have to have a section on this blog called "The Subway Hooker Crochet Ministry" or something, but then you'd all be thinking this is some kinda freaky religious tract in wooly garb. It's not, trust me. But I still might do it cos it's funny. To me.

Keep entertaining the notion of opening a yarn store in my yarn-deprived neighborhood. There's nothing here. Nothing. But we also need a bookstore, for chrissakes, so a yarn shop seems like a long way away. And are you allowed to open a yarn store if you can't knit? I can't. I've tried. I can barely knit and purl and have NEVER completed a knitting project, no matter how simple. I bought Kids Knitting figuring if they can teach some snot-nosed rugrat to make sweaters and puppets, they can damn well teach me, too! Only not so much.

I actually joined the CGOA yesterday, and I'm pretty pleased with myself. Now I'm looking for all sorts of professional associations to join to give myself the stink of credibility in this still-underrepresented and under-appreciated technique. I want to see the really clever designers whose work I absolutely eat up change the crochet world. I want to join their ranks as crochet visionaries (you got that right - I have more than a few designs percolating in my pea brain, some actually executed)(but not written out).

But I digress.

Wait, not really. This is all about crochet -- my lifelong obsession of it, historical patterns, quirky executions, cool stitches, and funky visionaries -- and I want to do what I can to keep the art alive and kicking.

So join the subway hooker, won't you, on this little adventure through the ether and the deep, dark tunnels of Brooklyn?

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