Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fresh-Picked Haute Crochet

Well, well, well, looks like fancy-schmancy WWD has given its seal of approval to crochet! The January 2 issue features a pink silk chiffon hairpin lace ribbon coat by Malandrino, a stunning yellow silk and linen dress by Juicy Couture, and some other bits 'n' pieces. Turns out we ARE on the cutting edge, after all. Whaddya know. I'm curious as to the cost of these items (and I'm too lazy to search, but there ya go).

So this coat in done in silk chiffon. Nice idea. Might be worth a visit to ye olde rag district to poke through the shops for some other off-yarn ideas. Wouldn't be cheap, but could be fun.

These hats by Alison Beth were shown in the accessories insert in WWD for January 2. Sweet and oh-so-easy.

This is the Juicy Couture dress done in yellow silk and linen thread. Very nice

And finally, from the same issue of WWD, an ad on the back cover that shows some very nice embroidery, I'm guessing, that goes over the lovely silver dress. Looks a bit like a version of Irish Crochet to me. I'm just saying....


Gotham City Insider said...

Have u been to "Ohio Knitting Mills"? Its on Smith, 231 Smith Street to be exact. I felt like I was in my grandmothers laboratory.

They say its a store full of never worn sweaters from the 1940's through the 1970's. The owner apparently bought a warehouse full and is using it to stock his store.
Hrmmm... I dunno but you should check it out.

There's all pictures on the walls of supposed Ohio Knitting Mills xmas parties and staff photos, etc.

Subway Hooker said...

I have not, actually, though it is literally around the corner from my old apartment. Sounds like it would be a great source of inspiration.... Thanks for the tip!