Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Little Book of Craftivism

Hey y'all.
We were in the new Rough Trade shop in Williamsburg today.  Funny, but most of the customers were "of a certain age," not unlike your hooker here.  Absolutely gorgeous shop, omfg! Oh, and?  Freaking PRICEY!!!!  We paid $15 for a CD that was less than half that on iTunes!!! But that's not the point here.

While there, I came across this awesome book: A Little Book of Craft Activism.  What a fabulous little tome!  Sarah Corbett shares messages of hope and awareness through her cross-stitching and through her craft, tilts the world in a direction of greater justice.  Her work is really inspiring and humbling.  While I don't know that I can commit fully to doing work as she does, it definitely has me thinking about how to better use my love of crochet and knitting to do something more. 

There is also this (not exactly new) book: Craft Activism, by Joan Tapper and Gale Zucker - another fabulous book filled with ideas for becoming more politically involved via your craft.  Whether it's as simple as exposing others to the beauty and creativity of working with one's hands (especially that which is more readily considered "women's work"), to raising awareness of endangered species, the importance of recycling, or crafting for a cause, this book shines a light on the many areas where craft makes a difference in people's lives.  Oh, and it has awesome patterns, to boot!

While I generally have my head firmly up my ass when it comes to connecting the crafts I love with make the world a better place, these books remind me that it's not all about me.  Or you, for that matter.  

I am humbled by these women and inspired to do more.  Let's see if I do!

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