Sunday, December 6, 2009

And Boy, are my Arms Tired!

St. Basil's


Pushkin and his lovely wife, Natalya, frozen on the Arbat

St. Basil's at night from Red Square

GUM on Red Square, lit up for Christmas

Graffiti on the Arbat

St. Basil's domes, close up

Sweet mother of Crap! Have I really not posted since SEPTEMBER?

Oh dear. Well, I can account for the last few weeks, anyway.

Just got back from Moscow on Friday from a business trip, and the run-up to that trip kept me pretty damn busy and mentally unavailable. In fact, here are a couple of shockers for you:
  • I did virtually no needlework on either the 9 1/2 hour flight there or the 11 hour flight back! True story.
  • During my seven days in Moscow, I did not have any time to go to a Russian yarn/craft shop or pick up any crochet/knit magazines. Sick, right?
  • I put on, like, five pounds as I ate my way through Russian, Ukrainian, and Georgian cuisine
  • Last week was one of the warmest ever in Moscow - no snow, in fact, went without a coat most of the time!
So now I'm back and gearing up for a quickie trip to Texas. Next year's travel schedule looks like Dubai, Amsterdam, and Sao Paulo, and a ghost of a chance of Barcelona. Funny how impressive it looks on (virtual) paper. And truth be told, I did spend a few hours tooling around the sites of Moscow before I had to start work for the week, and that was amazing. It is quite the city, and it strikes me as one that is a bit hard to get to know. But now I'm desperate to go back and absorb more of its charms. We'll see... So I really have nothing prepared, yarn-wise. Got a few ideas in me head, but they have some distance to travel before they creep from my fingertips and into the keyboard. So I must sign off for now, but enjoy the Moscow pics!