Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where has the time gone?

It's a bit embarrassing, this. Disappear for months on end, all the while working fastidiously on projects in the background.

But there ya go.

Some things of import: cats are still adorable, but no longer kittens, of course. Still producing stellar breadstuffs on a weekly basis. Latest is whole wheat sourdough, which is not only fab when uber-fresh, but enjoys a second life when the stale bits are made into savory bread puddings or added to soups.

But what you really care about, if you care at all, is the yarnstuffs. And I have been making stuff, cranking it out, some dismal failures, like the Anthro Inspired Capelet and Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi Jumper:

 some lovely as all get out. See?  Just to be clear - the above failures are my fault, not the patterns or the designers.  The capelet was way too small and the cardi, way too big.  I plan to revisit both.  Stuff that went well include the Tea Shawl from Lion Brand, Tosca by Dora Ohrenstein, and a couple of Animekko cats, made as gifts...


But for some reason, I've lately glommed onto a desperate need to complete the UFOs what have been cluttering my new and fabulous workroom. They are piled in the corner like turds. And really, they deserve much better.
 So here is one of the first, rescued from the turd pile and quickly completed:

That's the Scalloped Cowl from Lion Brand.

Below is the hibernating Shipwreck Shawl.  Distressing side note:  My Knitpick's circular cable snapped right below the connector on the damn R train, freeing a bunch of stitches in its wake!  Sorry Knitpicks, but I'm pissed off about that!!!  I mean, what the hell?

And here's the kicker: This isn't all!  I've also been trying my hand at needlefelting, urged on by the gift of a gorgeous Japanese book on the same.  Started by making some beads, then graduated to what was supposed to look like a clog, but ended up looking like Grandpa Simpson's lost slipper.  Ah, well. 

And there are more projects, too!  Here's hoping I get and keep my ass in gear and get back to posting weekly...