Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Your Subwayhooker has been out of circulation for way too long and nary the day passes when she doesn't feel the burning desire to share a mot, Bon or no, with what appears to be some regular visitors.  Imagine my surprise to see that some of you haven't given up on me.

Rather than annoy the lot of you with maudlin excuses, lets just jump into it, shall we?

If memory serves ( and that's a stretch these days), I may have shared my admiration, nay, obsession with Japanese crochet and knit design. Witness the latest result of my dropping copious yen at Kunokuniya Books near Bryant Park:

First of all, the sweet, sweet sweater on the cover is crocheted ohmigod. But this simple cover taint nothing compared to the treats that await inside. Check out this awesome cowl that I think would work well with a bit o' Lion Brand Amazing yarn:

They also have this fabulosity within:

Check it out - the neck and bottom opening are offset to create a whole Commes des Garçon vibe, which your Hooker thinks is hot hot hot.

But the Japanese aren't the only ones doing this right. For all over quality, it's really tough to beat the German publication Filati Handknitting for cool and sophisticated design. The issue I picked up (50, if you must know) is chock full of breathtaking designs for home and human.

A sample:

And another:

Rather than drag this post out, lemme sign off for now and start working on making more eye grub for y'all!