Sunday, April 11, 2010

Has it Been That Long?

Hmmm... I suppose I owe you a bit of an explanation, some reason why I'd abandon this little blog, if even just for a few months.

The short form is that we have crossed the threshold into new territory and are 3/4 of the way through renovating my dad's apartment, and turning our 2 family into a one family house. What does this mean besides eliminating extra income from collecting rent, higher utility bills, a larger financial burden overall, and increased pressure to continue churning out at my stressball of a job?

Well, it means a real workroom -- exposed brick walls, room for sewing machine, serger, and dressmaker dummies; room for yarn to be organized; for books and magazines to be accessible and vintage stash to be safe and viewable.

It means a spa bathroom designed by a real designer that will look as nice or nicer than magazine shots.

It means a library for our many, many books - a place to chill and relax and read in quiet.

It means a killer sun-room with seven windows and an adjoining bedroom with pocket doors.

It means more open space with light pouring in from two skylights.

It means a friggin' walk-in closet!

In other words, a better respite from the cold cruel world (nah, I don't actually view the world that way, just when the trains get really screwed up...).

So yeah, this project is sucking the energy out of us, but light is at the end of the tunnel. I'll be posting a couple of pics when it makes sense.

In the meanwhile, what of yarnly pursuits? Well, I've been working on Andrea's Shawl, which has not been terribly difficult, but I am making a meal of it, as hubsy would say. It's taking way too long just to get past the lace bit. But I am using Lion Brand Superwash Merino and I gotta say, it's a lovely bit of yarn. Particularly for the price.

I'm hoping it'll be done by autumn.

And breadmaking continues apace, though I have moved onto making a whole wheat sourdough, and am loving it! Sourdough is a bit miraculous to me. I find feeding it (them?) every week is very amusing.

The kittens are adults now, and as such, better start pulling their weight around here.

What else?

I picked up the most wonderful cookbook recently called Vegan Yum Yum, which I absolutely love. I'm not vegan (not even a strict vegetarian), but I am finding the recipes to be fantastic and creative and delicious, so I'll keep making them. Hey, whatever I can do to keep more animals alive... Oh, and her blog of the same name is awesome, too. Do yourself a favor and try the Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup. i added mushrooms to the mix with yummy results.

I've got other news for you, but it's going to have to keep for the mo'. I do promise it won't be so long between postings!

Ta for now!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Dunno about amazing, but I do like the way this shawl came out. The yarn, for those keeping score, is kinda sticky and harder than most to frog, but for five dollah, who's whining? And the colors are pretty (though in the subway lights, they seem a bit harsh). The whole shebang is from Lion - yarn and pattern. And true to my name, mostly hooked on the R, N, or D lines of our New York City subway system.

So you know, the pattern is the South Bay Shawlette and the yarn is Amazing in Ruby.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year, y'all!

I was all set to post my latest bits and bobs, largely created in a rush as gifties for my near and dear, when I decided a bit of Flickr-dipping was in order. You know, checking out the odd stuff getting posted here and there.

Mid-dip, I chanced upon some of Cheenara's latest work. I've blogged about this extremely talented woman in the past, and I stand by my assessment of her work. Friggin' brilliant! See that piece above? And those that follow? I am humbled by this kind of talent. Seriously.

And then there's Jessica Danby, another incredibly talented woman creating fine art using humble sticks... But I cannot upload her photos, so here is a link to her work on Flickr.

And finally for this post is the extraordinary Max Alexander, whose work stretches from jewelry to animation to fabulous knitting graffiti:
This is the kind of thing that makes me want to yarnbomb my own front garden. And I might well.....