Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learning Curve

I present to you...the (almost) finished Maltese Fisherman's Hat!

In my prior post of this morning, I showed you a photo of the hat in its halfway completed state. After that shot was taken, I trawled ravelry for the versions created by others with far more skill than I and realized that I'd badly screwed up the decreases. So I frogged to the beginning decrease and began anew. The one thing I did not correct was my treatment of the part across the brow. EZ calls for two purled rows, but I like the softer, more organic look of the rolling stockinette, so there it stayed.

The one issue I have with the Knitter's Almanac is the lack of detailed photos. Her pithy directions are a joy to behold, but this old hooker is a visual sort, and needs such confirmation along the way to ensure a successful project. That said, ravelry came to the rescue: I saw the errors of my ways and fixed them.

But there's more. When I ordered my interchangeable circular needles from KnitPicks after the great breast debacle of January, I'd also accidently ordered a wee booklet, "The Magic Loop." Now, I'd heard of the magic loop before, and watched videos of it in action on YouTube, but I really needed a solid reference to be happy. And the Maltese Fisherman Hat was just the project on which to learn the magic loop technique. And by gum, it worked! I got down to the prescribed 8 stitches on a 42" circular needle and comfortably worked till the bitter end!

And this new learning gives me some of the tools I need to feebly attempt a Pi Shawl. (Let me pause as you mumble admiringly amongst yourselves...) Yes, that's right. I really want to try a Pi Shawl. But my fear of multiple double pointed needles has kept me in my place, not daring to attempt such a work of art. However, the magic loop has rescued me from my fear by giving me a way to work the opening salvos without facing those nasty DPs.

It is just so damned luscious, isn't it?

Okay, back to the Fisherman's hat. While the basic hat is complete, I have plans to make this a bit more special. Because of its inherently goofy look, I intend to push the envelope a bit and turn it into a Seussian masterpiece. Oh, is that too much hyperbole for a Saturday afternoon? Okay. I want to make this silly-looking hat even sillier. Ta for now!

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Christina said...

Looks awesome! You're knitting so fast!