Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bread and Breasts

This week's carb report will seem familiar, but looks are somewhat deceiving. Yes, there is a loaf of bread, but I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to make it whole wheat, with wheat germ, oatmeal, and pumpkin seeds added for good measure. And it is deeeeeeeelish!
The muffin things are actually weightwatchers banana oatmeal bread in a muffin format for portion control purposes. I snuck in some whole wheat flour there, too, for a slightly richer flavor and a bit more nutrition. Again, a successful output for a Sunday.

But where do the breasts come in, you may well ask?

They don't, at least not in the bread.

But here's the story.

Every year since I started getting mammograms, I get crap results. There is ALWAYS something wrong. There have been awful surgeries, repeated squishings, needle biopsy this, lay face-down with a boob in a clamp that. You get the picture. On the plus side, it's always benign. On the down side, well, I've described the down side. Plus, no matter how low your risk factor is (and mine is low), it is terrifying to go through. Even on the odd occasion that they said all was clear, I always receive a letter within a couple of days saying, "uh, not so much."

Another plus: I have a doting husband who recognizes that, though he is powerless to allay my fears, he understands that retail therapy is a great start. So when I had my mammo last Thursday, complete with repeated squishings to get the earlier surgical markers in the picture, he knew exactly what I needed: SHOPPING!

Now, as you know, I've been diving face first into this knitting thing. And I like to perform my needlework in public, say, on the subway. With a hook, this is no problem, but needles are tricky at best. So as all public knitters realize, circular needles are the way to get around the elbow space problem. Unfortunately, I have been buying cheap-ass circulars with cables made from unyielding plastic. It is unpleasant to use them under the best of circumstances and impossible in most others.

So, connect the dots.

Yep, as my breast appreciation gift, I ordered a brand new set of hoity-toity interchangable circular needles (plus some accessories) from KnitPicks (couldn't quite splurge for the Addis)! I cannot wait for them to show up! I have such plans for them, I do!

Ah, but I did not finish telling you my story, did I? So on Thursday, I got squished, again and again. I was already scheduled for bilateral sonograms immediately after the squishing. But the technician came out and said to me the words I hoped to hear, "You don't need the sonogram. Everything looks good."

I was joyful, but guardedly so. As we know, this is always followed days later by that ominous letter from the radiologist. And it showed up, on schedule. But this time, it said my results were normal.



Christina said...

Woohoo for normal results. My aunt died of breast cancer and so its something that petrifies me.

Your bread and bananas look amazing! I bet you're gonna kick ass with the weight loss. My sister took me to the gym today and nearly killed me. LOL.

Danielle said...

Damn! I didn't get to wish you Happy Boob Squishing Day! Glad the results were good for a change babe!

Anonymous said...

Lovely baps and lovely boobs - glad they're all perky,
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