Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pompons on the the Runways

Anybody watching the runway shows in NYC? Diane Von Furstenberg put all of her models in these adorable Pompon hats!

It was funny trying to find a photo where the model didn't look freaking miserable, but here are a couple:Check out the dress in the pic above. That would translate beautifully into crochet or knit, methinks!

And look at the closeup below of the bag in the photo above. It is a virtual celebration of yarn!
The hat and scarf in the shot below looks ripped from the pages of ravelry:I'll post more stuff as I find it. We all need a little couture inspiration now and again...


Christina said...

That's taking pom poms to a whole new level!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not so much us taking inspiration from couture, but couture taking inspiration from us.
It's definitely happening over here, with designers picking up on what's happening on our sites and in our hands.
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