Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, Foggy Sunday

So right this very moment, Brooklyn is shrouded in a delicious fog. Potatoes are baking in the oven and some soy/lime/sesame marinated tofu will soon follow suit. A freshly-baked loaf of hubby's whole wheat is sitting on the kitchen counter as the weekend draws to its inevitable close.

So, what's new?

Remember that pair of pants I swore I'd refashion? Well, start checking the temperature in hell, cos here it is:

Now, I do not, for the record, consider this finished. Quite the contrary: I kinda feel this is a blank canvas upon which I can vent my artistic spleen. As this skirt is right now, I call is BORING as hell. But I do think with a little effort and imagination, it will be quite tasty, indeed. Maybe a crocheted trim? In red? Maybe it gets embroidered? Painted? Dunno yet, but I hope it will be done in time for the trip to Napa that we have planned for the hubster's birthday!

Oh yes, I said Napa! Hot damn! All those miles I've been racking up are paying off now, big time! The r/t airfare for both of us is............$10! Hoo boy!

In other news, I got a wild hair up my ass and bought me some thrift store sweaters to ravel. One is a golden yellow silk blend thing. T'other is wool and cotton greeny thing. I've started on goldie, but am a bit disappointed in the yarn. It lacks twist and seems to want to come apart pretty easily. Here's the harvest thus far:

But this harvested yarn + boring skirt makes me think about where I will be going for some uber-inspiration: my beloved Scandinavian yarny books. I will start with Second Time Cool
and followed, perhaps, by Knitprovisation
If you don't know these books, I strongly recommend taking a look. They are wonderful and mind-opening, particularly when you are in the repurposing mood.

Some webby randomnity for you now:

First, check out this link:

There are scads of very cool textilia to peruse on this site, including crochet. Have at it!

And two interesting images:

This was apparently an art project in the high desert from 2007. Wish I'da known...

And finally, this sweet image to feast your peepers on:
Ta for now!

1 comment:

Crafty Christina said...

It was totally foggy today. It was actually nice since I stayed in all day. I love lazy days.

The skirt looks great. Maybe you could do some small lace doilies and put a few on the side of the skirt. I saw something like that on Etsy and it was great. Professional but flirty.

Good luck with the frogging of the sweaters.