Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yarn Shrink: Overcoming the Crap

Do you have a million UFOs in your abode? Well, do you? I do. Okay, maybe more than a million.

Why does a UFO become one? Is it boredom of the same stitch over and over? Is is the thrill and excitement of the new and sexy project glittering in the distance? Is it the smell of new yarn and its seductive powers holding sway over your widening wallet? Yeah, I'm there.

It's also the project somehow not quite holding up to its promise, isn't it? You're following the directions, whether they are in your head, on the screen, in a book, or a crumpley piece of paper. The beautiful lines are not quite what you'd hoped. The color is boring. Too many mistakes too far back to fix.

I usually fall somewhere at either end - falling for the come-hither project in the periphery or seeing the project falling short of its promise. In either case, I'm screwed.

So given that we are trying not to squander our dough on every yarny-come-lately, I've taken a mini-oath to revisit my dormant dears and see what I can do to fix them, or revive my interest in them.

Case in point: Forest & Frills. I love this adorable little shrug. I love the colorway of the yarn I"m using. But it didn't seem to look like what I thought it would. Somehow, it looked heavy, like a blanket, though I carefully followed the directions and the gauge seems to be fine. So I dropped it in favor of something else - I don't even know what.

So today I'm pissing away time that I should have been spending putting summer bulbs in the window boxes on a perfectly spectacular Spring day (I did plant a bunch in the garden proper, but the window boxes need love, too) poking around ravelry, and I came across a bunch of people's versions of F&F and lo! they looked just like mine! I mean halle-freakin-lujah! So I wasn't off the mark, after all!

So I am winding down my work on this gorgeous shawl (again, another UFO, but it looks like I might be short on yarn, dammit), and will commence on forest & frills right away.

So for all of you who, like me, act like magpies with the lure and promise of shiny new projects, take a look at what others are doing. If you are dropping them because of frustration or boredom, taking a closer look at the finished project in the various forms created by your fellow hookers/knitters might give you the kick in the panties you were looking for to pick it up again.

Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

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Crafty Christina said...

LOL@kick in the panties.

Totally worth a try!