Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pi in the Sky

Hi y'all. Just flew in from Dallas, and boy, are my arms tired! But seriously folks....

Miss me?

Sorry for the silence, but it's been a bit crazy over at the scratch and sniff factory. But I have a lot to catch up on, not the least of which is that I am finally making some progress on the Pi front. Might want to check your local skies for flying pigs, kids.

The mitigating factor is that I'm on my last ball of yarn and am nowhere near finished the shawl. I might see if it will look totally weird to just start a random second color. Hell, if it does, so what? The intent for this was training, not haute couture. I'd kinda told myself that I'd get some fancy schmancy yarn once I had Pi licked (hee hee), so maybe I'll just do that! But you can see that the thing is growing and I'm screwing up less and less.

What else?

My gorgeous friend rockpoolcandy has a video of her at work on YouTube. Although I think she has way more people looking at her blog than I have on mine, I am taking the liberty of posting her video here. Do visit her site. She is awesome. Supremely talented. Amazing.

I've got yet another blog! This one is called The Diaries of Violet Clark and is literally a transcription of two diaries I bought in a dollar bin from an ephemera merchant. The diaries date from 1923 and 1924 and chronicle the life of Violet from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I am illustrating the diaries with images from the time that go (or don't go) with the topics. This project is totally NOT yarn-related, but could be fun for you if you have any interest in everyday life of the past. It is unlikely that Violet is still alive, but I'd be curious to find out what happened to her. The guy who sold me the diaries said that she became an artist or craftsperson of some reknown. For some reason, I think he said she was a potter.
I am posting every last entry from Violet's diary, day by day (not that she wrote every day, at least not at the start of '23. But I will give you a heads-up - it gets very interesting as we go on, particularly when she talks about Ted....

In other news, lard loss is keeping apace, though it's been likely upended by the non-stop feeding frenzy that was this Dallas business trip. Last I checked, I was down around 10 pounds. As mentioned elsewhere, it's coming off slowly so hopefully, it will stay off. Back in the saddle now with tracking every last bite, I promise.

Oh, I knew there was something else! Remember how I told you that my colleague was taking up the hook because she fell in love with my Half-Moon Shawl? Well, she's been taking classes at Lion Brand Studios and has been doing an outstanding job! She told me that the other day, she, her mom, and grandmother were all sitting together crocheting! I could have cried! What a wonderful thing to see three generations of women keeping up the hook. She and I periodically take a few minutes during lunchtime to get some yarn work done. I've been able to give her a few tips that have helped her in her learning and have promised to take her through the shawl pattern, step by step. I couldn't be more proud!

Man, does putting the clocks ahead ever suck! Why can't that be changed to 4pm on a Monday? Wouldn't that be a whole lot more fun??

Ta for now!


Christina said...

Wow, the shawl looks awesome right now! You're doing great.

That's really cool about your friend taking classes. You've brought someone else to the dfark side.

The clock change does suck, especially since we were in Philly and it meant that we had one less hour to spend there.

Christina said...

Before you cut off your toes for Mary Janes, check these out. I have a few of her patterns and they are very well written.

Thanks for the advice too! Its much appreciated!

The Elusive Loo said...

Had a look at the diaries blog and it is fascinating. A quick Google search made me wonder if this has anything to do with the author??

Subway Hooker said...

Eureka! You've found her, Loo!