Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wipe My Drool

Okay, two things to discuss with you all:

First, did some damage at Smiley's Yarn Sale today. That's all I'm saying. Got me some Paton's. Got me some Rowan. Got me some Nashua. Going back tomorrow for more circular needles. Forgot my list. Sweet, sweet, Smiley's. This goes on till Saturday. Bring cash.
Second. I don't know how many of you subscribe to Daily Candy, but they sent out an awesome link yesterday for Shokay, a Himalayan company that makes Yak yarn. You read that right. And it's beautiful. They apparently also do a yarn that is yak and bamboo. Holy crap.
But before you look at the gorgeous yarn, you should check out their products. They have finished pieces for sale, and they are amazing. My faves are this hat above, the matching mitts, the funky scarf, and the bow tie. Cracks me up that the hat and mitts are in sock monkey colors.

In addition, they have some free patterns available for the taking. Personally, I'll make a meal of the inspiration from their finished products. Makes me happy, it does.

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Christina said...

Janet and I are going to the Smiley's sale on Friday. My wallet is already shivering with fear!