Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poor Twinkle

So, I've been a-knittin' and a-froggin' this #%*#@*# sweater for a few days now. I'm betting that Twinkle herself would be whining at me as much as I am, and ruing the day she opted to publish.


Every day, I learn a little more about reading patterns and what constitutes good directions vs. poor ones. So I consider it all a reasonably good thing. The downside is that the yarn I bought, Patons UpCountry from Smiley's, doesn't seem to appreciate the learning curve and how important it is to being an ultimately successful knitter. No, in fact, it seems to get more worn out and pilled the more I frog, making me question my wisdom for using it. It is a lovely yarn, don't get me wrong, but it is a lot like glorified roving, not a proper yarn, and reacts to the learning process by losing its subtle sheen and getting fuzzy, but not in a good way.

I've frogged this to the pits three times now.

So, once done, I wonder how much I will actually wear this mother.


Shifting topics, I wanted to take advantage of my loooong holiday break from work to organize my "work room" (read: storage closet), and organize the ol' stash.

Sweet mother of crap.

I seriously have a yarn problem that I suspect will require significant medication to vanquish.

And this isn't all of it!! What the hell am I thinking? That I'm some woman of leisure with no big-time corporate gig? That I can sit on my ass all day crocheting/knitting with a cup of tea steaming nearby? Or better yet, a cocktail? For the NEXT TEN YEARS? Believe me when I tell you that you are looking only at the surface of deep shelves and that there is far more out of the picture than in it. I didn't include all the colors, and there is a huge basket of thread and a steaming pile of rug yarn that I won't DARE photograph.


And I only have 4 days left of vacation. Boo hoo....

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Christina said...

What a nice stash! And your poor sweater!

Happy New Year my friend!