Friday, December 26, 2008

Knit Knews

So I've been blabbing about this knitting thing for a while now and thought it high time I actually show you some of what I'm working on at the moment.

First up is the Colors of Tuscany scarflet thing by Nicky Epstein, which for the record, bears little resemblance to the original.See? Not even close.

That said, I'm pretty pleased with how easy this was to make and that I did it without screwing it up.
Next up is a Lion Brand pattern for a simple cabled scarf that I'm making for a friend, ostensibly for this Christmas, but who knows when it will actually be completed?

Also on the sticks is the Aurora Borealis sweater in Twinkle's Weekend Knits book. However, I am making so many changes to the pattern as I go (and frog), that I don't want to cast blame on Wenlan Chia's lovely pattern by associating my lame attempt with her original. But it's based on that, so there ya go.

And while in Rome, I started on Nicky Epstein's shrug (coinky-dinkly named Roman Holiday Shrug, I kid you not). It is so freaking beautiful! But I used a totally inappropriate yarn that made a horrible squeaking noise as I knitted, so I pulled it apart until such-like time as I can dig through the ol' stashola and find one that is better-suited to such extreme beauty.

By the way, Nicky's book, Knitting on Top of the World, is pretty awesome. But if it's too rich for your blood, this pattern is in the latest Vogue Knitting. Woo Hoo!

So, while I'm off from work until the 5th, my personal challenge is to do the following projects:
  • Finish bastardizing Twinkle's Aurora Borealis Sweater
  • Make Roman Holiday Shrug - the most beautiful shrug, ever
  • Make that amazing Layering Cardi from Crochet Today noted in my last post
  • Finish Aran Cable Scarf for my friend

I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Christina said...

Merry Christmas friend!!

All of your knits look wonderful so far! I'm learning to knit too. Right now I'm just practicing kjnit and purl (stockinette stitch?). I messed it up a few times but can't figure out how to frog a row without undoing the whole thing yet. Even youtube videos haven't helped, LOL.

Have a wonderful week off!

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing an awesome job! You go girl!

Wonder if you can tell me where to get the pattern for the Colors of Tuscany Scarflet?


Subway Hooker said...

The pattern for the Colors of Tuscany Scarf can be found on the Vogue Knitting website and I've linked to the page in my blog post. Sorry for the omission!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, and Happy New Year!