Saturday, August 2, 2008

Look Everyone -- A Crochet Project!

I've shamed my own damn self into getting off my butt and crocheting something. Whoa there - no, it's not finished or anything, so don't fall off your chair, please. But I got over a glass hump, as it were, and have now connected three motifs and am well on my way to the fourth.

I bet you're embarrassed for me, aren't you? Seriously, you are. You're thinking that with such an exciting headline, I MUST have something amazing to show for my weeks of apparent slothfulness. Yeah, not so much. I embrace my inner sloth, so I have little to show but an internal vow to see SOMETHING through to the end.
And the truth of the matter is this: from a purely technical standpoint, I am doing a dreadful job here. But as god as my witness, I will persevere and get this mother done.....sometime. I swear.

Hey look, here's a closeup:


Christina said...

Its gorgeous so far. Really, sometimes the hardest part is just picking up the hook to start with.

Anonymous said...

Your slothfulness belies a fixation with all things Wii and err, Fit. But getting fit and svelte is no damn excuse. Get hooking...