Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miss Me?

Yeah, that's right. I've been eating and drinking my way (well, our way -- the hubsy was there, too!) across the gorgeous Napa Valley. Can I tell you about it? Got a minute? We went to a few wineries, it's true.

Let's see: Charles Krug (SO underrated for a place that produces consistently wonderful wine); The Frank Family (SO overrated, though their sparklers are worth a try); Mumm Napa (Mmmmmmm, Napa)Self-explanatory, dontcha think?

Duckhorn (how is it that everyone I know already knows and loves this place and, in particular, their Three Palms Merlot? And it's news to me? And it's so good!);Pretty Duckhorn Winery

Silver Oak (good lord, their Napa Cabernet is sex in a bottle and cheaper than a hooker -- well, cheaper than a pricey call girl, anyway); Whitehall Lane (oh-so-lovely cabs); Artesa (stupid, sucko winery - all "experience" for some truly half-assed wines - don't waste your time); and my beloved Grgich Hills Estates for an awesome celebration of Mike's 50th vintage.Me and the great Mike Grgich

Did I mention food yet? Okay, started at Angele, downstairs from our room at the Napa River Inn (fabulous place, right on the river. Did I mention it's haunted?);
went to Ubuntu on Main Street in Napa (TOTALLY lives up to the hype);
fregola finished with corn pudding melon rind & FRIARELLI PEPPER relish, of course!

Auberge du Soleil for their staggering vegetarian tasting menu and wine pairings (amazing view of the valley and discovered some new outstanding wines. JC Cellars Preston Marsanne is to die for);Why yes, those ARE goat cheese beignets!

Taylor's Automatic Refresher for way pricey California drive-in fare); Cook St. Helena (try their brussels sprouts), Market (fabulous); and (drum roll) Chez Panisse Cafe in Berkeley (best fish, ever. And the best Sauvignon Blanc - Merry Edwards.)The heart of the "gourmet ghetto" in Berkeley

roasted zucchini and cherry tomatoes with Bellweather Farms Ricotta

halibut baked in a fig leaf

I'd order this online if their site worked!

So, we ate, we drank, we slept in a haunted hotel. What, no crochet?

But OF COURSE crochet was involved, my friend! I made the bulk of this on the flight out and in our room:
This is, of course, MK Carroll's Anne design, done in a ancient skein of LusterSheen.

Oh, and one final story! I had also brought with me the WIP Betty Shrug, whined about elsewhere in this blog. The day we were leaving the hotel, hubsy asked if I had a scissor with which he could cut a tag off of a clothing purchase. I had my cherished folding scissors in the Betty bag, so I pulled out the bag to dig out the snippers. In our haste to leave for Berkeley, the Betty bag got covered in the bed's duvet. Our quadruple check of the room never revealed that the bag containing hours and hours of my blood, sweat, and tears was still on the bed and not in our suitcases.

I realized the loss the day we got back home. I called the hotel, but the crochet was not in the lost and found room. The clerk told me that all was not lost -- it still might be with the cleaners and I left a message with housekeeping. Bless their hearts - my crochet was indeed with them and safe. "Will you be stopping by to pick it up?" the clerk asked. As much as I need little excuse to haul ass to Napa, I asked them to ship it to me. The VERY next day, my precious cargo arrived!

And THAT's what I did on my summer vacation.

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