Sunday, July 27, 2008


So Taste3 was amazing, but my guess is that the bulk of you don't give a crap. I don't blame you. This is a blog about crochet.

So I bet you are all wondering what wildly creative new example of crochet expression shot forth from my hands during those 12 hours in the air, aren't you? I'd be asking the very same thing. And the answer is..................bupkis. Yup, that's right. Nada. Zero. I have a half-assed explanation for it. Wanna hear it?

So I'm trying to make the oh-so-gorgeous "Betty" shrug from "Vintage Crochet," see? And the first medallion comes out all spiffy-like, see? And I start the second one and all is just swell until I have to join them together. And it just isn't working. Not nohow. I am following the directions to the letter, I think, and it just ain't coming together in a way that is pretty enough to inspire, well, continuing. And the truth is, I do have the smarts enough to fix this issue, I think. But at cruising altitude, I just didn't care. So I did nothing.

I read David Sedaris's new book, which is laff-out-loud funny. I listened to podcasts. I played Peggle, a stupidly addictive iPod game. Emphasis on stupid. And addictive. And essentially from the time we landed at SFO till the time we got back on the plane for the return haul, I didn't have a moment to hook. No time to find the LYSs that are hidden in Napa (ooh, please let me know if you know of good ones as we are going out there again next month for fun)(and there's nothing more fun than dragging the hubster to yarn shops).

And so it goes.

So I can brag about being invited to Margrit Mondavi's house for a private champagne reception. I can natter on about calling Ted Allen over to our little exhibit and exhorting him to taste Chrysanthemum Champagne and Long Jing-infused handmade truffles. Did I mention hiking at the Mt. Veeder Winery? It doesn't matter, does it? Because at the end of the day, I have about 47 unfinished projects, any one of which I could have, should have completed while on those endless flights between San Fran and New York.

But no.

What about on the subway, o SubwayHooker? Yeah. About that. I'm promising myself and both of my readers that I will be hooking again soon. Maybe this dry spell is due in part to the fact that I am MISSING THE CGOA EVENT IN MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE! I desperately wanted to go. Desperately. But it collided a bit too close for comfort with my business trip and I just couldn't do it. But so help me god, I will be there next time!

I hope that Vashti, Dora, and all my friends had a great time in NH!

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Christina said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. Once you figure out the motif issue, I'm sure it will fly! Trust me, with the heat wave we had this week, hooking on the subway was not ideal!