Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hand-crochet fahions by Dritz

Today, dear hookers, I bring you some tasty vintage crochet courtesy of Dritz. There's no date on the publication, but based on the styles, I'm safely guessing early-to-mid 50s. Okay, blasphemy alert, but one of my faves is actually knitted, that being the jacket above done in chenille. I mean, how freakin' sweet is that jacket? Okay, love the crocheted skirt too, but it's really all about that jacket. All I can say is, not in this lifetime.
Next up is this hot little strapless number that is indeed crocheted. I love the fit on this and the marvy details with those dragon scales crawling up the skirt. Hot.
But if I was to bare my soul, I'd have to confess my affection for this dress. So simple, so fitted, flattering, and feminine. I am all about the simple pieces you can dress up or down. Me? I'd do this in black or charcoal, natch, but if I didn't know going in how boring this would be to make (nothing but single crochet - ugh) I'd want one in red. Or striped. Or tipped. Anyway, it's another fabulous and I think, timeless piece.

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Christina said...

I do love that jacket. Us hookers can appreciate good handiwork, no matter what the medium.