Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Loves My Yarndex

Stop me if you've heard this one. Or don't - there's bound to be someone among the three of you who may not know about, your Hooker's go-to site for all info yarny. Case in point: I recently got me a ball of Bernat Country Wool. Okay, six of 'em. And I'm musing over their possible next life. And I'm thinking of making Chanson en Crochet and using this wine-colored wonder. Looks worsted-esque, so I think it's a done deal. But upon closer inspection of the label, I realize that Bernat makes it difficult to find the weight (I find it - eventually - but it took a really long time) and I still cannot find the yardage on that blasted label. But holding tightly to my rigid parochial school upbringing, I'm thinking "hey, that pert little capelet is gonna cost me hours and hours of my life. Do I really wanna break free on this project, take a chance, and let all the pertinent details be damned?" I gave it two serious seconds of thought and went straight to Yarndex only to find that Country Wool is a bulky weight - inappropriate for the lovely Chanson - and that it will take more than one ball to complete. Wiser for the experience, the capelet is now under way in its intended gauge in between spine-tingling episodes of "Alias" (we're now on season three).

So the lesson is this: as long as stupid yarn companies insist on leaving off crucial info from their labels, Yarndex is there to rescue you from making totally unnecessary mistakes.

I loves my Yarndex.

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Christina said...

Yep, yarndex is the best! I only recently learned about it and wish I'd know about it alot sooner. It would have saved me a few times on gauge and weight gaffes. By the way, that pattern is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it when its all done!