Sunday, June 29, 2008

Like Clockwork

Well, it's Sunday evening and you know what that means - another post by yours truly. So the show is up and running and I am having a relatively relaxing weekend. It's been stormy here in Brooklyn and muggy like an armpit, so except for a shopping foray for food and clothing, we've been holed up like rats in our cool and newly-cleaned house. (Newly cleaned because we had some new friends over last night and we didn't want to scare them with my piles of books, magazines, crochet and knitting projects, etc.) So I've taken advantage of this relative calm and cranked out a charmer from The Happy Hooker -- Cold Shoulders. Now let it be known that I made this puppy for under 3 bucks. Yes, you read that correctly. Not for nothing, but Moda Dea Dream has been on sale for 99 cents for a while now, and I gotta say that even regardless of how cheap it is, it has bitchin' drape!

So up top's a shot of the comely little capelet, but it's not a great photo. The flash seemed to pick up on some sparkly elements that simply aren't visible unless you are hounded by paparazzi. Or Weegee. But the damn thing's cute enough for me and worked up pretty fast, even with some stupid errors on my part.

Let's see, what else? Had a fabulous dinner with the lovely Dora "Crochet Insider" Ohrenstein on Friday night - a great start to a weekend! And I have a new, but as-yet-unspoken resolve to get my workroom in working order and get some more exciting projects underway. As we slowly migrate my dad's old newspapers to the great recycling bin, possibilities are opening up for creating order where there was none. I feel badly even stating out loud some positive from all this personal sadness, but I guess it's a sign that I can even think about moving on instead of wallowing, as is my wont. If this alleged workroom does materialize, my friends, I will post photos right here for all to see.


Scarlett said...

Your dad would want you to have a fabulous work room babe!

Christina said...

The capelet came out very pretty! It looks so soft. I agree with Scarlett...your dad would want you to have a great workroom.

Anonymous said...

... and the missus is going to have a fab workroom.

BTW: a really great piece of writing, babe. Even if I am slightly biased.

Oiyi said...

I saw your project on Ravelry. Your capelet looks great and what a bargain!