Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vintage Pattern Alert - 1915 Boy's Hat

I frequently get requests from readers asking for the patterns of some of the vintage crochet that gets posted here. Because I have a pathological need to collect these, but not necessarily organize them, it's not always easy to get my hands on the specific pattern. That said, I will try to do better about scanning the patterns at the same time I'm scanning the pictures so they'll be available to whomever wants 'em. Obviously, I won't honor requests for patterns under copyright, so don't ask. But I will do what I can to post those patterns people have asked me for over the months. And since this boy's hat was the easier find, here it is. This is sized for a really little kid, so if you are looking to reinterpret for an adult, it might take a bit of futzing. If you make up any of the patterns I post, could you send me a photo of the finished piece? I'd love to post it.

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Christina said...

that would make such a cute Easter hat. Everything vintage is very hot right now!