Friday, March 7, 2008

Cranky in Seattle

I'll admit it -- I am in a cranky mood. My favorite airline (to see burn in hell), Continental, started me off on the wrong foot by having one of their snotty-assed check-in attendants be surly with me for no freaking reason. Then the security line in Newark was the longest and slowest I've ever seen, anywhere. Then Continental's obviously soul-deadened flight attendants phoned in their performance on the (late) flight. Oh, and this being a business trip, I worked until my battery died (why should there be power for laptops?), but because the guy in front of me rightfully wanted to recline his seat a full 5 inches, I had to type on the computer with the bottom of it wedged under my boobs and the "v" balanced precariously on the tray table. I swear to god, I hate that airline to the very depths of my soul. Did I mention that the air (when it actually circulated) smelled like feces? Their demise would thrill me to no end.

The one flicker of light in these 6 hours of my life that are lost forever is the lovely woman in the aisle seat who watched as I made genuine headway into finishing the bouton d'blow sweater. She mentioned that she thought she was the last person crocheting, and I assured her she most definitely was not! She also said that she was now tempted to take up the hook! So sweet baby jeebus, the hooking ministry works! I hope she does crochet again and more power to her! All snarkiness aside, I love love love getting people on the crochet wagon. Actually, it doesn't matter if it's crochet, knitting, or any creative endeavor. I just want to see people do more soul-satisfying, creative work -- whether they pursue it every day or once a year. I think we'd all be better for it.

That, and seeing Continental cease operations. Oh, man, that would be sweet.


Scarlett said...

Oh babe. Sorry to hear about the flight. I guess I have only ever flown Continental trans-continentally, when their service and cage space per prisoner are better. You poor thing!

Anonymous said...

The return flight sucked more. Nearly six hours late and Continental's information line jammed solid for more than three of those hours is no joke!

And the tracking on their website removes the flight from the list, information no longer exists. What are you to think?

Shit airline, shit business ethic. The Hooker's husband would be glad to see the back of this airline too!

Christina said...

Flying sucks! That's my opinion anyway. It freaks me out and so I probably pray more during flights that at any other time. Terrible of me!

Glad you inspired that lady to consider coming back to the hook. If more people had some sort of craft, we'd be a happier bunch of people on the whole. Seriously, its such a release of stress!