Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crochet on the Runway

Don't know if you've been watching, but there's a bit of hookery on the runways for the Paris, London, Milan, and New York Fashion Weeks. The above design is by Fashion East. I love the shape of the capelet. Note the muff in her hands. Frigging cool. I'll let some of the picture do the talking: I know what you're going to say -- "Hooker, that's obviously knit! Whut up?" And I will tell you that the fact that it's a knit piece is not the point. The point is this: look at the proportions on this sweater -- the super jumbo yarn, the hugeness of the whole thing -- it's gorgeous and totally over the top. Sweater by Byblos. Now this is by Antonio Marras. Not for nothing, but this ROCKS MY WORLD! One could argue that the technique used is a bit indeterminate, but I'm pretty darn sure it's crochet. And how bloody cool is this? And by the way, before someone says it, I know I'm not letting the pictures do all the talking. It's my blog, baby!

This John Rochas is incredible:
Okay, that's all from the runways for now. I've actually got a pile of other pics for you, but they are not crochet -- just damn good sources of inspiration. Later!


Gauge before Beauty said...

Those ARE freakin' sweet! I'm totally in love with the giant knit, and just weird enough to wear it.

Subway Hooker said...

Aw, Sam -- if you're happy, I'm happy. Glad you like the rags. I obviously think they seriously rock.

Christina said...

iant knit is pretty awesome and I love the dress!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, I ve always been a fan of the art of crochet!!!!love the research and the photos u ve choose, keep it coming!!!:)