Monday, February 18, 2008

What's Haute in Crochet?

I've been doing my usual perusing of the web, looking for the latest in crochet fashion as inspiration for the DIY in Y-O-U. Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Urban Outfitters is always good for a couple of crochet pieces. This one is cute and looks easy-peasey.

Speaking of easy-peasey, this cape don't look like it'd kill ya to make it. Pretty basic shell stitch, some ribbing, and some fancy-pants edging that I bet is even easier than it looks.

Every crocheter worth her salt is only too familiar with the gasp-inspiring beauty of many of Anthropologie's sweaters. Here are a couple worth warming the hooks for . Oh, I know it's no great trick to find something gorgeous on that site, but this little number's shape and detail is worth taking in for a few minutes

While the following piece is not crocheted, but the cut of this one is a joy to behold:


Christina said...

Ooh, so pretty! I wish I could do the whole "look at it and whip it up" myself thing. I'm not quite that visual (yet!) I absolutely love the shape of the last one.

Baerbel said...

I almost can´t believe into what crochet has developed during the grandma squares and doilys. Your findings make me want to stop eanting, sleeping and breathing to save time for my beloved hook.

Sincerely, heathergem (ravelry)

Baerbel said...

ehhh... during=since, dam foreign language