Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Squirming with Delight~

So listen up. If any of you (I guess the correct word would be "either," but whatever) have eagerly peeked into the Reviews section of this site looking for the latest review of your favorite book or publication, you've probably been disappointed for, oh, about the last 6 months. This is all due to my inability to deal with the website software I'm using. So I finally had the bright idea to change my reviews into a separate blog and voila! I have an easily update-able review section where I will post my extremely clever and acerbic thoughts on whatever paper products containing crochet and crochet-related info I want to. And if they are not extremely clever and acerbic, I will post them anyway.

Seriously, please visit the review section if you can. I will keep the content fresh and funny and hopefully, informative and helpful. My library is huge, and I'd love to share the best of the batch with you all (or "both" as the case may be).


Christina said...

Thanks for the review section! Looks good! I'm always eyeing books on Amazon but since I can't flip through them never know just how good they are.

Scarlett said...

Do I count as one of the two regular readers? Even if I don't crochet?

And I love that crocheted Anthropology sweater! Very cute!

Subway Hooker said...

Scarlett, I think we may be up to 3 readers now! Woo Hoo!