Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hallo from Hilversum!

I'm writing from my hotel room in Hilversum, Netherlands. I'm here on business, but there is always time for yarn in my book, so I'm taking advantage of my considerable jet lag to post and say hi, as it's some ungodly time in the morning...

Although my copy of Interweave Crochet arrived a few days ago, I've only just starting looking at it closely and I am very impressed. There's a few beauts in this issue design-wise, and some great articles. Overall, I have to say that Interweave does the best job in presenting relevent, interesting articles and great designs. Don't worry, I'm not going soft - trust me, there have been some klunkers -- but I'm happy to give credit when and where due.

First, kudos to my friend Dora Ohrenstein, who, aside from her considerable design prowess, is also showing herself to be quite the crochet historian. I really enjoyed her piece, "The Victorian Crochet Revolution". I confess the topic is a weakness of mine, being a history dork and all, but Dora has a gift for pulling the facts together and making the story flow. And not for nothing, her new design for Crochet Insider is GORGEOUS! Well done, Dora!

But I even liked the articles by people I don't know! The laceweight piece and the Lisa Naskrent articles were both interesting and well-composed. Who knew?

But let's get to the patterns, shall we?

Like I said, there are a few gorgeous ones in this issue. Of particular note are the two shawls, Raindrops Broomstick Lace and the Shape-Shifting Shawls are really nice. Raindrops uses a very appealing stitch pattern and Shape-Shifting has amazing drape.
And while technically not a shawl, the Yoga Beach Sarong has a very cool stitch as well, with strong vertical lines that should be quite flattering. Can we call it an ass shawl?

Lisa Naskrent's Bustier Top is another interesting piece. I particularly like the back view on it with its historical reference. I wonder how it would look on someone with curves?

I gotta say that my absolute favorite in this issue is Annie Modesitt's Pretty Pleats Skirt. Holy crap! I love love love the colors, fit, and overall design on this. And ohmigod, it has a waist! It's funky, cute and actually well-styled by the magazine (not one of Interweave's strengths in the past).
There are a couple of dress patterns in this issue too, but I always have doubts about this kind of project. First, these mothers take a looong time to do and then grow to astonishing lengths once you wear them. Personally, I won't invest the time.

Crocheted skirts I've made before (longer ones) have always stretched like crazy, which really pisses me off. I'm hoping Annie's skirt doesn't fall prey to that, but I think the shorter length and A-line shape will keep it from growing as much as the others have.

And finally, I gotta mention Doris Chan's Curtain pattern. I really like its wonky, rustic look.

Anyway, time for a shower and then off to work.

Ta for now!


Crafty Christina said...

I just got around to peeking at this issue too and I love the shape shifting shawl! Just a tip, if you line your crochet skirts with light fabric, they won't stretch out of shape so much.

Hey Janet is up to hanging out whenever. Let me know when is good for you when you're back Stateside and we'll get together.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey,
didn't know that you were over in my part of the world. Our paths probably crossed mid air, as we've just got back from Rome!
Are you coming back through the UK?