Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Leather Pokebonnet

Nah, I haven't made one...yet. But if I keep up these Sunbonnet Sue-esque endeavors, I may have to.

Let me explain.

On Saturday, after purchasing a couple of Mason jars that I needed in order to create the starter culture for some Chevre I've been hankering to make, I set about baking some banana-cranberry bread. Yeah, that's right. I'm making cheese. I'm baking bread. That Mason jar to the right of my bread? That's the starter culture for the cheese. So that's Saturday. Come eveningtide, I'm continuing on my quest to finally get knitting through my thick skull. So I spent Saturday night in this, one of the world's great cities, sitting on my ass knitting. And watching Primevel. Whatever.

Sunday was spent ignoring the marathon and baking the SECOND LOAF OF BREAD in the weekend. Oh yeah. A remake of last week with the cunning addition of romano cheese. And DEEE-lish it is, too! So of course, we had to try it, warm from the oven, with my HOMEMADE butter. Am I possessed? Wait, there's more!

On the urging of my beloved rockpoolcandy, I bought a drop spindle and roving (why, Blue-faced Leicester, thanks for asking) from the Sheep and Wool Festival. I'm in the process of splitting the roving into a manageable weight before I actually spin. (Note to husband - I want a spinning wheel for Xmas - for serious).
How far am I from whittling? Or from starting an urban taffy-pull? Is weaving far off? Is my front yard too small for sheep? Can you grow corn in a window box? What about lacemaking?

Okay, I want to talk about knitting for a minute. Now, you all know I LOVES the hook, right? But ohmigod, it is so exciting to get to even this minimal level of literacy with the sticks! I haven't finished this frigging scarf yet, but already I'm scouring ravelry for knitting patterns thinking, why the hell not?
Despite the obvious errors in the pattern above, I'm thrilled at the results I'm getting on this bloody scarf. I'd admire it if someone else wore it, let alone make it.

Who the hell am I?

And, not for nothing, but the Manhattan Smiley's sale is on the horizon now, a half-block from my workplace. And I have a plan this year - I'm going for the luxe stuff, quality, not quantity. I have a few gifts I'd like to make and I'm finally at the point where I want my precious time to count -- to not waste it on cheaper, unpleasant yarns. They're fine for experimentation, but if I'm making a scarf for my BFF, it's gonna be a yarn that feels like heaven.

Okay, change of topic. I have two cents and need to spend it! Remember the old days when I used to wax poetic about Crochet Today? Pretend I never said it. I have been SO disappointed with them of late! Gone are the interesting, challenging projects. I guess they focus-grouped that puppy to only engage beginning hookers. Sad. It doesn't all suck, per se, but it's not the mag I used to look forward to. On the other hand, I was quite happy with the latest Interweave Crochet. The projects were really beautiful, some simple enough for the novice, others challenging enough for a more experienced crocheter. Maybe it all balances out. But I keep looking for the periodical that pushes the design envelope, and I don't really see it. Over dinner recently with my friend Crochet Insider, we lamented about the lack of magazines that really challenge their readers. I guess it's up to websites and books to be the source of all things edgy.

Hey, has anyone been to the new MADMuseum site yet? I'm, like, a 10 minute walk from them and STILL haven't hauled ass in there! And I've always loved that quirky building!

Okay, I think I'm done spewing for the moment.

Oh, except for this:


OBAMA '08!!!!


Christina said...

I get Crochet Today too and I agree...I think the patterns are a bit on the beginner side though every once in awhile I find something I love. Interweave was an amazing issue this go round. I love everything in there!

I'll be voting tomorrow and I love ya even if you are a democrat!

Subway Hooker said...

Hee hee! Christina, you are awesome!

Christina said...

Hey girlie! I'm free for the most part the next few weeks, so let me know what's good for you to meet for brunch. I'm sure Janet will be more than in too. The only weekend I'm not free is Thanksgiving weekend, as its my birthday and a cousin's birthday that weekend, so there's alot of partying going on, LOL.