Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Hand Tease and some Randomnity

Yeah, I'm crocheting, see? I made these wristlets from Drops Garnstudio. They were easy-peasy and simple-pimple. And they speak to a growing obsession of mine: gloves, mitts, wristlets, armwarmers... Any kind will do.
Although these are hibernating, t'were I to use Ravelry parlance, these lovely Manchettes are part of the obsession. I picked up StitchDiva's new pattern, as well as a couple from CopperScaleDrago from Ravelry to work on. But a bigger post on the topic is coming soon - I'm just gathering all the pieces together right now....

In the meanwhile, I spent some time today at Astroland in my beloved Coney Island, as it was its official last day of operations. As you know, I am enamored with this gritty, beautiful part of Brooklyn, and it kills me to see it devoured by scumbag developers with no sense of history or community.

On a final quick note, remember how last week I talked about all the wineries I went to? Some good and some less so? Well, color me shocked if a couple of the wineries mentioned didn't reach out to me! Duckhorn, bless their hearts, appreciated the nice words I had to say about them. They were well-deserved, let me tell ya!

And to their credit, Artesa, whom I completely dissed, also wrote to me asking for a more constructive version of the criticism I leveled at them. Fair enough, and I respect that they contacted me after what I said. While I've not heard back from them after sending them a more thoughtful version of my experience, I am shocked that the wineries even bother reading SubwayHooker, let alone sending me emails about what I've written! Go figure.


Christina said...

I love those wristlets. Can you give a link? Drops is so huge, I could spend hours trying navigate through it all.

I'm really sad about Astroland too. I've got so many memories there. My grandparents used to take me all the time as a kid, then growing up and taking my own kid there. Her birthday is in the summer, so we've spent quite a few of her birthdays at Astroland. Its such a shame that its all going to be detroyed. Corporate developers at their finest. /sarcasm.

Subway Hooker said...

Here's the link to the wristlets:

I kept hoping that there'd be some last minute negotiations to keep Astroland open, but sounds like that didn't happen... :-(

Scarlett said...

When I saw the story about Astroland in the NYTimes, I immediately thought of you and your abiding love of Coney Island. It sucks that another landmark is closing.