Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crochet One, Save One

Okay, so the names not quite what Save the Children intended, but what the hell. The program is called Knit One, Save One, but what really matters is that this great organization is asking all us hookers and stickers to make some wee caps for littl'uns around the world. Their current drive runs through December 31st and I, for one, am partaking. And while I know a lot of you are already giving to some wonderful organizations, I'd like to encourage those of you who currently don't to consider participating in this drive.

Now, I'm not a joiner at all, but this seems like a fabulous way to burn some stash and help some little baby have a better chance of survival. What amazes me is that something so simple, so basic, can actually help save a life. And talk about a perfect subway hooker project! I can crank one of these out before I hit the Manhattan Bridge!

Save the Children has put together a cool kit that even has patterns to follow, some of which are easy enough for this non-knitter to follow! They have some pretty basic crochet patterns, too, so there's something for everyone.
I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm finishing up a little cardigan for Margot, my adorable French stepdaughter -- what can I say -- her birthday's coming up and the package of goodies is sailing this weekend, but those caps will be flying from these fingers!

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