Saturday, October 4, 2008

More on Awesome Austin

No, I'm not quite ready to shut up about Austin, so you will have to bear with me.

Although there for the music, I kept my peepers open for crochet, of course. And here was what I saw:And while this totally falls outside the realm of hooking, these are the freaking coolest shoes I've seen in ages!

I WANT them!

This is a close-up of woven baskets made of recycled paper. I saw them in a great shop featuring handmade goods from around the world. It was on South Congress, but I stupidly forgot the name:
And that red thing I was hooking in the prior post? Here it is today:

And finally, though this has less to do with Austin than anything, here is the more-or-less finished Cecilia vest from StitchDiva:More later!


Christina said...

That Cecelia vest is to die for! Love it! The red shawl looks great too! I do the same thing when I go out...always looking for something crochet and getting stupid excited when I spot something.

CopperScaleDragon said...

Love the cape in red!!!!! (Yes, I remembered who you were from the e-mail...LOL)